TechCrunch 2016 Shanghai

TechCrunch 2016 <Shanghai>


TechCrunch International City Event가 이번 달 상하이에서 개최됩니다. TechCrunch 2016 <Shanghai>는 미국의 유명 테크 미디어인 TechCrunch와 중국 최고의 테크 미디어 technode가 주관하는 중국 최대 창업 박람회입니다.

여러 훌륭한 스타트업들과 미디어, 탑 레벨의 VC 등이 본 행사에 참여하는 데요. 다양한 스타트업들의 전시와 데모데이, 그리고 전문가들의 포럼과 투자 상담이 진행될 예정이라고 합니다.

특히 행사 마지막 날인 29일에는 VR⋅AR 주제로 실리콘밸리 투자사인 Formation 과 함께 ‘Asia’s strongest summit of VR / AR’을 개최합니다. VR⋅AR 분야의 유명 기업들도 함께 참여하여 최신 제품을 소개하고 기술에 대한 다양한 토론이 이루어질 예정이라고 하니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.1313

TechCrunch 2016 <Shanghai>


TechCrunch International City Event will return to Shanghai in this June. The exhibitor booth has been acquiring huge attention and our booths have gradually been ordered since we release this launching information. We will make it as the most international event in front of everybody. Excellent startup companies, the mainstream media and top level venture capitals will be gathered at West Bund Art Center in Shanghai . This time we will let the whole world witness the growing of Chinese entrepreneurship and innovation, and see the future of China even world!

People are always full of curiosity and expectation on VR/AR, which is the most popular technology recently . And we will bring you a unique VR / AR event this time in Shanghai, including hardware, content and next generation calculating platforms. We will also invite several world’s top science and technology stars to the conference. We will cooperate with Formation this time to bringing you the Asia’s strongest summit of VR / AR on June 29th, you will see how the science, technology, and innovation combined!

Nowadays, startups from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and other areas of Southeast Asia are sustainably expanding. And we will also bring a number of high class startups from Silicon Valley to Shanghai. The main conference h all, Startups Alley, parallel sessions, unique entrepreneurial market, VC Meetup and Hacathon will all land in Shanghai this June! Aren’t you excited?

Wanna more attention form investors? Wanna be reported by main stream media? Want to be known by the whole world? You know where to find us, do you?

The registration of booth of TC has opened.

Entrance link:

Book tickets:

If more information is needed, please contact us:

E-mail :

Both overseas, domestic Startups will be so welcomed to join our Startups Alley by forming a team or group. For the investment institutions, we also can provide a group-booth for their portfolios. For the group participation, we will take care the booth building and on-site advertising promotion, etc.



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